Change in revolution day by day

programs are divided into 5 tracks in pre-conference, which takes place from 13 to 14 December 1949. In first track (Dimension), sequence of personality sophistication training for children will be run and along with that, order of training of yoga teachers will also go on. In second track, there will be a discussion on quantum physics and principles of unity and Upanishads and consciousness science. third track will have yoga medical treatment camps. In which yoga teachers will be trained. fourth track will have day-long training on stress therapy (SMET) by management ability of individual – along with a discussion on holistic management, fifth track will discuss various streams of research in field of yoga. five tracks will run simultaneously in various halls. routine will be continued from 7 am and concludes with sleeping at 7.30 am. pre-conference will be inaugurated on Sunday, December 13 at 9.30 am and it will also impart training on energy communication, meditation from word to word, meditation to high-level yoga, etc. through masters and yoga teachers.

Everyone from students to elders is being invited to participate in it. Since more people are expected to participate in pre-conference and main conference on December 19-20 – arrangements have been made to reserve places in advance. During this period, entire ashram will be reserved for this camp. Reservation is also being done in nearby places. For full information, everyone should read intelligence work fortnight of December. Brochures and posters also ask for peace. Please fill form and register. Due to this high level of training, only family members familiar with this mode are being asked to send applications. Students from five nearby districts have also been invited to participate in ‘Himalaya’ Yoga Olympiad with students coming from South India. It is possible that next day when space is large, it should be held twice on same level. Certainly, fruitful results of this convention organized by Himalayas at gate will come out as being centered on axis of world culture with north-south coordination.

twenty-first-century era revolution is no longer far away. In coming four hundred days, we will enter 2000 by attaining a millennium, not only a decade, not a century. According to many great men, including greatly respected sage, this is right time for outcome of new age. next four hundred days and subsequent four hundred days are coming as a valuable opportunity in our lives. In infinite period of lord, era, in terms of history, hundreds of thousands and even thousands of years have no importance. journey from monarchy to democracy also took thousands of years. It did not take us any less time to learn civilization, manners, discipline. pace of time was slow then. Now, whatever development change is, it is happening at a rapid pace. Now its effect is not limited to any individual, community or region, it will also affect entire world view and indirect world. All inhabitants of world, by desire or reluctance, will be forced to move with time, to flow with flow.

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