Initiative for eradicating poverty

This is right. We should eradicate poverty, but it should not be forgotten that no physical success can remain stable without character development. Their benefit can be achieved only if the balance of increased power is with a generous heart, advanced brain, and self-determination, otherwise, some benefit of physical progress will not be achieved. Anyway, the next day the world is going to take a turn, for that one will have to make national practice an essential part of life.

The world-renowned historian Arnold, who has written a history of devotions. He said in 1972 that in fifty years the whole world would come under the domination of the United States. But when technology replaces religion in the twenty-first century, it is certain that India, which is a defeated country today, will be victorious and those who are victorious today will be defeated. The second part can be proved true, so each of us needs to do such hard work, which can empower our India continent.

Orientation towards self-development; Methodologies have to be named. Its many systems are prevalent in many places. Various sects proclaim its specific importance accordingly. All have their importance, but most of these have to be considered singularly if they are mostly analyzed in a holistic view. On finding such a system that can transform the whole human nature, hardly one is found. Whatever will be found, he is expecting a specific qualification.

After considering the question of completeness, by exploring all the accessible cultivation systems, the vision of various thinkers, great men, the best yogis rests on one point and that is the point – not the service of the individual but of society – Of a great man. In modern times, while social service has emerged as a fashion, many institutions have become yams. In such a situation, the spirit of spirituality seems somewhat strange, because if spirituality had emerged from this, there would have been a flood of seekers and yogis according to the number of social workers, but this is not the case.

On considering the situation is clear – if the means do not appear according to the number of social workers, then where is the wealth of self-righteousness according to the number of people who leave the house for cultivation? This directly means that the totality of the system was not understood. It was not adopted as it was.

Ethics is an essential qualification for entry into any cultivation system. Pat, whether Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Tao, do not enter his spiritual practice without this mandatory qualification. The ritual begins after admission. In this, where Yoga concentrates its attention on the body, Raja Yoga changes the mindset. The intricacies of adopting the attitude of transformation and transformation in the world, but these three bases come together, they can maintain the flow of pure consciousness, such a situation is not possible.

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