Man is the creator of his own destiny

Whether nature, goal and good use of life were understood? After understanding, path of elixir was not adopted? Went on road with enthusiasm, courage, and effort or not? On this selection, foundation of uplifting is laid. Man is creator of his destiny. He has complete freedom to fall into pit of collapse by adopting undesirable, by excelling and reaching ultimate goal of flourishing. If someone keeps crying about circumstances and does not improve state of mind, then what should anyone say to that malicious person?

deity is many, but there is no one more than god of life who is immediately fruitful, very near, and eager to grant. Those who understand dignity of life and use it for a set goal get all that is worth getting. compassion of other deities is doubtful, but rewards of cultivation of life-god are unquestionable. It is a matter of sorrow that importance of spiritual practice has not been understood and attention has not been paid to make one happy with success, otherwise, situation is not as it is.

If you do not understand nature and mystery of life, you are surrounded by lack-of-poverty, fall-overthrow, and if you are unable to keep up with your spiritual practice, then how to blame anyone else for this? No one else in this world sins more than disregard of life. doer gets immediate benefits from other sins, but such a person is neglected in life, in which hell has to be endured from beginning to end. only sign of fate is to understand great possibilities associated with life and to refine it and refine it from trough of Anecdote.

Meditation and thinking are considered essential in life-practice. Every day, before sunrise or after sunset, when mind is calm, then you should take an account of your inner-outward condition and give a far-reaching and timely determination of steps required to rectify mistakes, to fill gaps and for future progress. Should do. Determination should be such that it can be implemented in present situation without wasting time.

In contemplation, two things are automatically absorbed – refinement and refinement. They can also be understood as diet and medicine. How to adopt sat that make personality pure Given current situation, what steps should be taken in this context. Not only its determination but earnest effort to adopt it should also be delayed. Both measures of decency and genius should be employed in virtue, karma nature.

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