People should understand the importance of time

If we understand the importance of time, then we should start from now in our spiritual endeavor to restore human values ​​without losing a single moment. Given the pace of time, these efforts should take place on a very wide scale at a very rapid pace, only then will this philosophical revolution – ideological revolution – be able to play the role of emotional rejuvenation of the world.
Only if the spiritual effort is intensified at the collective level, then it will be able to protect mankind from the divine ravages that are expected in the coming period. This discussion is being done in the last phase of the era of the great era, in which the effort of awakening the process of awakening the world of divine power is going to be done. Meditation, which is being celebrated all over India and the world from cultural festival 19 (January 22) is the last high-speed fodder for this great season, which is to be concluded in the vein of the arrival of the new age. Will be with
Today, if you look around, an empire of chaos appears on both the visible and indirect level. Man has left the path of cultivation and self-control and has created such a situation today that the existence of all mankind is seen in crisis.
The situation that has arisen today due to the perverted rationalism, craving for unlimited pleasures and the frenzy of sexuality, has started to feel that humanism has turned into humanity. Ultimately, the root cause is seen to be the same – the positivism that gives primacy to the immediate Vela becomes popular – everything is visible and it becomes a biography from time to time.
If the progress of science penetrated in every aspect of humanism, it could be fought with the prevailing chaos, then only with the powerful weapon of spiritual practice. This philosophy, which is based on positivism, can be reversed only by practicing indirectly. Thinking is the opposite of reverse and straightening. This is the epoch revival process of this era, which is to be completed the next day through era meditation.
The three sides of the revolution – the change in the thinking of man from the intellectual revolution, the change in the character of a man from the moral revolution and a radical change in the behavior of a person from the social revolution. Human power is also divided into these three parts – thinking, character and behavior. The need of the hour is to keep these three areas clean. Apocalypse is sure if one too involves distortions. The intellectual revolution grapples with the undesirability of thinking, psychics, cravings, unspoken ambitions. The effect of thinking also affects the character.
Characterization is morality. The maintenance of responsibilities, the maintenance of duties, the discipline of human dignity, and the coordination of these forms the character. May these dignities – remain disciplined – be subservient to the taboo – the subsistence of this fast has been called the moral revolution. Both of these revolutions take place through theocracy, which is spread over a wide area, by the subsistence of era meditation, and in this era of repatriation, there is going to be the same intensity in which the undesirables were included in thought and character.

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