Selfishness is paramount in world

We see that selfishness is paramount in world. Every creature gives priority to selfishness, first of all, a person is not ready to do something in which he has no benefit. Whatever work we do from small to big, we first consider loss of profit in it and then do it, even a foolish person will not think that it will harm me. truth is that such a valuable test of selfishness has been given to us by God, on which we know which work is complete, which is bad? Who should do it, who should not do it? Selfishness is a paramount need of life, so it is very important to always take care of it.

Suspicion may arise here to readers, if selfishness is such a good thing then why is it called bad, why is selfish hatred, why is selfishness forbidden? We should know that selfishness that has been condemned in Veda should be named ‘disaster’ in reality. Former sages have called pure selfishness as spiritual. This charitable is true selfishness. It is a mistake to call selfishness as selfishness because, in a real sense, selfishness fulfills selfishness. Adopting evil is self-defeating, it cannot be called selfishness from any point of view.

Two distinctions of selfishness can be made. One meaningless second nature. A farmer plows field diligently, brings wheat at expense of rupees and mixes that wheat in soil. After that, it keeps irrigating that field. And takes care. For about a year, he has to constantly put something in that field, sometimes he had to buy a solution, sometimes a shovel, a bullock, marijuana, extract, etc., he had to work hard and had to worry, he had to take care of it. Apart from this farmer is a philanthropist; He knows that what I am sacrificing at moment will be rewarded by me manifold. His hard work does not go unreasonably.

Thousands of grains are produced in field instead of one grain, farmer is happy and praises his charitable intelligence. Another farmer does not like virtual, he thinks who has seen tomorrow. If today’s fruits are not received today, why should we work? He hesitates to put his wheat infield, he has no faith in tomorrow, today he eats bread made by wheat today, field remains empty, crop does not grow, at time of harvesting when peasants from farmer’s grain He is filling, it tilts his head, he has eaten his seed before sowing, now he is not going to get anything. You must have understood that virtual means to think for tomorrow and do today’s work, and disaster means to leave idea of ​​tomorrow’s good and evil and work for today.

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