Social revolution refines the behavior of a person

A human being is developed form of a social animal personality. social revolution refines and streamlines behavior of a person. As prudence, foresight, justice, and loyalty continue to expand – religion takes a wide shape, affecting whole society and world, directly and indirectly, by making policy, excellence in behavior of people, and making life-long possibilities come true She goes

If even a small fraction of prudence exists in us, in form of prudence, intelligence, then we should try to understand asymmetry of time and listen to footsteps of change in footsteps of coming age. This is not time to think about greed-fascination and ego-performance and to create guts for ego-performance. This is time to follow extraordinary and calamity of religion, this is time to connect with austerities of sages employed in microcosm. fate of life of earth is going to happen these days.

Divine efforts are going to be so intense that if our cultivation is filled with resources, then not only will change be quick – we will be playing a role in its center. According to time to come, we all can become – to ensure our living in it – for that we all have to prepare ourselves. According to world that is going to change, we will have to change ourselves as well and this work is possible only by practice of great weapons, now it has become not only a person but also a social necessity. For this reason, in whole of India every year, there are going to be such events of unbroken chanting and prayer of bright future in every corner of world, which will earn unprecedented power. security cover that will be built with this will protect us from possible adverse situations due to planetary influences.

same philosophy of cultivation process is explained in meditation issue presented. With practical rendering of upcoming issue, family will be able to know at what level they have to pursue their spiritual practice in next days – in what ways can they make their life better, if we can wake up in time, change way of life and make our life spiritual. There will be no more fortunate.

In devotional plan peaceful house, in special session held on last days of October 31, November 1, brainstorming session for meditation rain, format of initial training sessions was determined and 4 places were selected and their dates were determined. format of training has been kept for two and a half days instead of predetermined 5-day event

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