Social service is the best form of humanity

In social service which has been considered as a holistic system of cultivation, not only three grounds of person employed in it are strong, but entire space starts to express itself in its true form. For example, natural quality of body is inertia. transformation of this darkness into a substance is intended. Those adopting cultivation method of social service get it in first stage because true seeker needs a name, frameless activity. This can be understood as transformation of essence.

 All impulse-sexuality anger, fascination, greed, etc. Any seeker of popular yoga gets sweated to uproot their roots. Yet sometimes failure is at hand. Even after years of penance, many times have to be defeated at hands of rage, while in their sense, devout society can manage to transform this difficult level in a few years.

culmination of various paths of yoga is considered to be emancipation, Situation, Enlightenment, Integrity. Different conditions of this are known as freedom, life-freedom incorporeal freedom. It is not known when various yogis get these situations, but retired is seen to be benefiting from this ultimate benefit in his present life. Greed, fascination, ego got rid of above-mentioned conditions. How is greed given to someone who sacrificed his selfishness in interest of common man? Where whole society considers its family, whole world as its family, whole world as its home, where is scope of attachment? This is reason that in this life he rejoices in state of liberation after attaining ultimate benefit of liberation.

Those who are deprived of their benefits even while living in this holistic system of cultivation and pasting label of social service on themselves, reason is not fault of system, but their fault. Everyone talks about embracing poor and helping afflicted, but it seems unnecessary to focus on those around them who need help. Naturally, such people use coin of social service to establish their reputation. Those who have no work to do or who believe that in same way, they will earn some respect in society, such people put on mask of social service.

It is meant to say that instead of self-propagating self-propaganda and beating drumming of their services, loyalty-wan mobilize are engaged in silent public service. They start with this themselves. Do by yourself Starting with yourself means that ideals that we want to see established in society, we should introduce those ideals in our lives. Expose your life as an example by speaking.

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