The policy of patience and intelligence

policy of forgetting future for present is disastrous. A gourmet person indulges in taste of present time, overeats, stomach pain starts after some time, doctor arrives, it costs more than he was tempted. One worker man is enchanted on a younger and eats indefinite food, shortly after it becomes afflicted with semen diseases. On contrary, a person is restrained on tongue, thinking of tomorrow, removes guts of today, his decent food helps to stay healthy and live a long life. In same way, a sage life combines nymph in fixed decorum, remains healthy, acquires strong children and preserves masculinity. first two asymptomatic people will be sad because they forget about tomorrow in greed of today. In contrast, last two people rejoice, because they work today for tomorrow.

People who adopt policy of ‘we mean ourselves’ are viewed as selfish with hatred. They are not selfish, because they have forgotten real selfishness and are adopting perishable evil. person who does not try to stop cholera from spreading in neighborhood, person who does not rise to stop evil in society, person who does not try to extinguish fire in village, person who does not help helpless Doing, he only makes disasters. Because cholera of locality will enter his house and kill son, rampant wickedness will climb on his chest and be ready to drink blood one day, fire in village will reach his shed after a few hours, helpless. rest of day will take form of a monster and grind our peace with our teeth. In this way, red kingdom policy of ‘being self-meant’ is not a matter of patience in reality, but a policy of disaster. This disaster takes them one day. fish that sees only flour pill loses its life.

Sin, misdeeds, greed, indulgence, etc., instantly show some attraction and benefit, so people rush towards them to get a grain like a pigeon and get trapped in a trap and suffer crying and crying, but patient. A man tends to auspicious deeds and, like a farmer today, is suffering and prepares crop for tomorrow. A fully selfish person is someone who weighs every task according to future result and does best work with patience and sincerity and makes his / her world and hereafter bright, it is called spiritual. unintelligent and foolish is one who wanders in deer-craving of momentary pleasure and receives blasphemy in this world and torture in hereafter. It is not selfish, it is wrong. Each one of us should make it very well that truth is in selfishness. Meaning can only be suicide. dog chews dry bone, by drinking blood that comes out of its gum from its rub, I understand that I am getting blood from this bone. Those who adopt policy of disgrace, drink themselves out of their mouth and drink and feel happy in it. Is there any selfishness for this blood drinking? We must recognize difference between evil and charitableness, and pursue true selfishness.

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