Worship is a comprehensive yoga science

All activities of devotion family are centered on axis of worship. Worship is a comprehensive yoga science. Yoga only enhances personality of person by enhancing skill of karma. If yoga is there then it is seen that realizing ecstasy of union of soul and God in this life and giving it a pleasure. Yoga is one who teaches art of becoming a status-conscious by pleasing life with equality.

Greatly respected sage lived life of a yogi and work released by Swami Vivekananda gave scientific spiritualism as an ideology in whole of India and world. We continued to teach him art of living as a yogi, he continued with his life, with speech and with writing and today we can find that teaching in front of him by self-studying his literature.

‘Yoga’ and ‘Yoga’ are two words about which most misconceived beliefs are prevalent. If all methods of Raja Yoga and work Yoga are understood in right form, then there is no need for ‘Yoga’ for any of us. miracle of some English language – some western label, Yoga went abroad by becoming ‘Yoga’ and today it became living for peace-ridden man. When it came back to India after being imported, it remained ‘Yoga’ and even today it can be seen as a fashion – a distorted component of physical fitness club of Gymnasium.

Due to coordinated efforts of peaceful house and Vivekananda Kendra Bangalore, this is second time in December from 13th to 14th in this December, as a pre-conference (pre-yoga session) and as a full international session on 19th and 20th of December. type congregation is going to be concluded, in which various dimensions of yoga by scholars of international level. Discussion mere dissertation will be read and sum will be a ‘Himalayan competition called ‘to make child as Olympiads healthy-meritorious. Then such a congregation was held on December 1914 at Center for Cultural Research in Delhi.

Now it is going to be widely celebrated in a peaceful house, headquarters of devotee family, on large scale, yet acceptance of many scholars from outside India in this regard has come. And it seems that despite cold weather in unique event, there will be a good meeting. Arrangements have been made for stay of yogis and instructors participating in camp at a peaceful house. America, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Israel, Hungary, Italy, U.K. There are a lot of participants from Australia, Argentina, Russia, and South America, etc. This congregation will certainly reflect nature of world culture.

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